Corporate Yoga 

Yoga and mindfulness practices are a wonderful offering for your employees, as studies show it increases productivity, focus and overall well-being. I know first-hand how sitting at a desk all day can cause pain, tightness and lethargy. My class helps to dissolve tension while increasing strength, mobility, energy and focus. When the body has stagnation, energy cannot flow and a multitude of bodily functions suffer including the brain. When members of your organization do yoga movements and breath work, these channels are opened up improving nervous system, lymph, digestion, brain function, ultimately boosting strategic thinking and creativity. This is why yoga is so effective for increasing productivity in the workplace. Not only does yoga keep your employees feeling their best, but it also encourages team-building and community. 

I have experience leading Yoga for corporate clients, in various settings and tailor my class to meet your employees specific needs. I've taught many different populations including elderly, disabled and youth, and therefore I teach classes suitable for all individuals. I recommend classes of 30 or 60 minutes and limited to under 40 participants. My offering includes functional yoga movements, breathing exercises and meditation. I offer both traditional yoga classes on mats, as well as "yoga at your desk," which includes light stretching, mindful breathing and meditation while standing by your desk..

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“I would like to extend my gratitude to Diana, on behalf of the Professor, the students and Columbia Business School. Diana’s yoga session was part of a 3-day retreat program focused on personal leadership and development. Diana creates an environment of authenticity, an environment where you can step onto the mat and expand into your body, breathe into darkest of spaces. She induces a sense of relaxation and comfort through her light hearted humor filled, story-like session. Her intense yet introductory yoga session left us feeling de-stressed and focused. This was a unique and first time experience for most of us, leaving us with the temptation to embark upon a new journey with yoga."

Akash Bhat International Students Chair & Representative, Columbia Business School


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