Holistic Coaching

I am passionate about helping individuals transition to fluid, vibrant lifestyles and create a sustainable state of wellbeing and ease. Utilizing tools of mindfulness, yoga, spiritual psychology, nutrition, herbal medicine and emotional awareness, I cater my offering to meet you where you are today, for a personalized program. My intention is to address your immediate concerns and empower you with on-going support and to find clarity and progress towards your goals.

I offer a holistic approach to wellbeing, looking at the body, mind, spirit, inner dialogue, relationships, lifestyle and environmental factors. Developing a practice of listening to your entire being, we will unlock how habitual patterns and your choices are shaping your life. We will work together to unlock blocks to creative flow and progress. We communicate regularly to move towards your goals and address issues as they arise. Weekly sessions include email support to track your progress.

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While working with Diana, I began to improve my relationships, career goals and take better care of myself. First of all, I lost 25 pounds by changing my negative habits and unleveling my mentality on diet. I also made major improvements in my business, removed toxic relationships and created a more peaceful work environment, and I also started to focus on bigger career opportunities outside my small town. Diana gave me the tools to find peace every day. She taught me how to look within, uncover my deeper desires, and understand my internal blocks to going after those. Mostly, I feel empowered and totally in control in all areas of my life now.
— David, Business Owner & Artists