Private Coaching

I am passionate about helping individuals transition to more happy, vibrant lifestyles and create a sustainable state of wellbeing. I cater my offering to meet you where you are today, for a complete, personalized healing program. My intention is to address your immediate issues and empower you with the tools you need to reach your goals.

Drawing on my continued education of yoga, nutrition, psychology and mindfulness, I offer a holistic approach to wellness, looking at the body, mind, spirit, including lifestyle and environmental factors. You will first learn to listen to your entire being, and notice how your internal and external choices you make affect how you feel. Together, we will review all parts of your lifestyle habits and diet to see what may be blocking you from reaching your potential.  We will design a plan, within a specific time-frame, to address issues and move toward your goals. I offer weekly email and phone support to track your progress through each step of the way!

I am currently accepting new clients; email for more information or book a consultation or book a 1 hour call.