about diana

Diana Paschal is a 500-RYT yoga teacher, holistic coach and wellness advocate based in NYC. She offers a balanced yoga practice to develop self-awareness and self-mastery enhancing peace, well-being, connection and freedom. Her classes are accessible for all levels and emphasize precise, anatomical alignment and awareness of the breath. Diana studied movement and spirituality her entire life, and currently studies Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa and Katonah, informed her home practice. She is passionate about holistic health, environmental issues and bringing yoga to diverse populations. Diana is based in Brooklyn, and she is grateful for her NYC yoga community and generous teachers. 

My life feels lighter and flows more easily. My body is stronger, my heart is softer and my mind is at ease.


my story

A born lover of movement, animals, green spaces, and all art forms, I grew up in a small, southern town, in the countryside of west Tennessee and spent my younger years riding my bike, swimming, dancing and climbing trees. My parents had me as teenagers, and as they struggled finding stability and peace in their lives. They went through divorce and re-marriage, where I was shuffled from various homes, where step-parents and step-siblings came in and out of my life. I spent time in a shelter, I witnessed Illness, disconnection, addiction and struggle. I learned how to deal with turbulence in life, and how to be adaptable. I saw that everything shifts, and that each today is a new opportunity and truly a gift.

slowly, I began to shift into a new lifestyle -- one where I began to thrive.

In high-school, I found fulfillment and community through athletics, Church youth-group, music and mentoring other kids. I loved cheerleading, gymnastics and dance and used movement for healing, expression and connection. I got out my angst with Nirvana, Alanis Morisette and Weezer. I became a competitive Cheerleader throughout high school and college, while also coaching kids in gymnastics and swimming. After graduation, I flew to the concrete jungle of New York City to pursue "a better life," but it wasn’t as easy as I’d anticipated. While pursuing a career as an actress, I spent too many nights partying with anybody and everybody, washing down pizza with Tequila. I wasn’t in touch with myself. I hid my pain rather than confront it. I felt restless, scared and alone. After a few meltdowns, I decided to dive into self-inquiry and found healing using the practices of yoga, meditation, holistic health, coaching and conscious relationships.

Through my practices, I've cultivated the ability to be present with myself and notice how I am treating myself and others. Continuing to foster heightened awareness, I discovered the connection to every single aspect of my life and how it affects my wellbeing. I became more attune to my energetic body in different situations. I began to shift my patterns, inner dialogue, relationships, diet and lifestyle habits. I began to practice self love and acceptance. While this is always a struggle, I aim to be kind to myself and make decisions with integrity. Today, I am stronger. I honor my needs and make yoga, meditation, self-care and healthy relationships a priority. I let go of the unnecessary crap in my life -- i.e. all the things that don't enhance my energy and wellbeing including crappy relationships, addictions, and negative habitual thought patterns. I ate less crap too, developing an organic whole food, plant-based diet. The asana practice strengthens awareness and reveals your physical and mental patterns. In postures, you develop precise alignment, clear stagnation, creating space for optimal organ function and allowing chi to flow freely. In meditation, you become attuned into your inner dialogue, emotions and connection to the world around you, You develop a better understanding of yourself.



My practice brings me back to where I am today, at this moment, revealing what's present now. Since my awakening, I've committed to evolving consciousness on the planet, sharing my understanding of yoga, mindfulness, empathy and holistic health practices. We all deserve a life of health and peace, and I hope to support our global community towards abundance, health and harmony on this planet in this lifetime. I am grateful to all: my teachers, my community and each soul who furthers my own understanding and growth each day.

gratitude + love


I see yoga as a way to remove blocks and deepen our connection with ourselves and the world around us.