Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Hands on healing, relaxation, clarity in the comfort of your home or wherever in the world you are.

Private yoga sessions are beneficial because I devote all of my attention on the needs of the unique individual. When it's one-on one, I create a session that meets you, for that moment and you receive focused attention, clear, specific guidance, nurturing hands on adjustments for immediate benefits. With over 500 hours of training, I incorporate Iyengar, Hatha and Katonah yoga methods, with meditation and other healing modalities. We can focus to address one specific issue or overall wellbeing. Maybe you'd like to reduce your anxiety, address chronic pain, increase your energy, find more clarity or learn how to do a handstand. Whether you're a total beginner or are looking to deepen an existing practice, I will customize the session to your unique needs. Classes can be held in studio, home, office or via Skype.  

Each session can be recorded for your own practice.

--24-hour cancellation policy--

Options to book:

  • Book a free 15 minute consultation

  • Book a 1 hour session in your home or my studio

  • Book a 1 hour Skype session

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In 60 minutes, Diana took this weary traveler and gave her a renewed body, mind and spirit. I didn’t even have a yoga mat! Diana came to my hotel room as part of the PRIV service (it was a last minute request, and I’m so glad she accepted it). She used pillows as props and was my third arm or leg when I needed stability. I was definitely challenged, but the entire session worked the places that needed it the most. My mind normally limits me, but with her coaching I was able to go much deeper into each pose and it felt liberating. Besides being professional and interesting – ask her about her time in Thailand – she was intuitive and seemed to anticipate what I wanted, or needed, even before I did. Kudos to her teachers for turning an amazing individual into an exceptional instructor.
— — Katie Jackson,