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MindBodyGreen “Try This 11-Pose Sequence To Spring Clean Your Yoga Practice”

Spring is the season to detox the liver and digestive organs. Shifting from the introspective winter, we clean up, clear out, and make space, to step into spring’s new beginnings. In this sequence, you’ll find powerful yang poses to build heat, twists to stimulate the digestion, and restorative yin postures to balance and re-center.

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New York Dutchess Retreat

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Retreat Co-Leader

Diana offers an incredibly deep and extensive knowledge of yoga to her students - one that blends love, light and possibility. Being in her presence will allow you the opportunity to ground into your body, yet create a shift in awareness that will leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and renewed. She powerfully reminds her students that we are all human, to come as you are, yet connected to a much greater purpose and passion. Her teachings truly show you how to take all that you learned on the mat into your journey in the world. Beyond yoga, Diana bridges real-life with the spiritual, offering tools to support your mind, body, spirit - and heart to be more joy-filled, and empowered.
— Sarah Anne Stewart, Founder Holistically Slim

Private Yoga

In 60 minutes, Diana took this weary traveler and gave her a renewed body, mind and spirit. I didn’t even have a yoga mat! Diana came to my hotel room .... She used pillows as props and was my third arm or leg when I needed stability. I was definitely challenged, but the entire session worked the places that needed it the most. My mind normally limits me, but with her coaching I was able to go much deeper into each pose and it felt liberating. Besides being professional and interesting – ask her about her time in Thailand – she was intuitive and seemed to anticipate what I wanted, or needed, even before I did. Kudos to her teachers for turning an amazing individual into an exceptional instructor.
— Katie Jackson,

1-1 Coaching Client

While working with Diana, I began to improve my relationships, career goals and take better care of myself. First of all, I lost 25 pounds by changing my negative habits and unleveling my mentality on diet. I also made major improvements in my business, removed toxic relationships and created a more peaceful work environment, and I also started to focus on bigger career opportunities outside my small town. Diana gave me the tools to find peace every day. She taught me how to look within, uncover my deeper desires, and understand my internal blocks to going after those. Mostly, I feel empowered and totally in control in all areas of my life now.
— David, Business Owner & Artist

Retreat Co-Leader

Diana was a space holder for 30 people who had just experienced one of the most impactful experiences of their lives. These people were distraught, confused, and looking for answers. I watched Diana bring them calm, peace, and create a space where they could naturally integrate what they had gone through. Being an incredible yoga teacher seems to be a by-product or reflection of who Diana IS... at her soul level.
— Taylor Conroy, Founder WeJourney

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Professional Bio

Diana Paschal is a 500RYT certified yoga teacher, holistic coach and wellness advocate who guides others to self-awareness, clarity and wellbeing. She works with clients privately and teaches globally, leading trainings, retreats and workshops. Her yoga classes are accessible and offer clear, nurturing instruction on precise alignment and breath awareness. Diana has studied movement and spirituality her entire life and she offers an embodiment of her daily practice and studies within Hatha, Iyengar and Katonah. Diana is passionate to bring yoga to wider populations, and she partners with non-profits and social impact companies to further her goal. Diana has partnered with Gaiam, Wanderlust, MindBodyGreen, Bali Spirit Festival, Columbia Business School, WeWork, Adidas, Covenant House, Breakout, FreePeople, Medi-Club, Every Mother Counts, HopeLodge, DayBreaker. She is guided to continue to offer these teachings which have continuously supported her in healing so profoundly.