The Secret to a Sexy & Zen Menstrual Cycle


So, awkward story, on my 12-hour flight from Bangkok back to New York City, a lovely, young lady sitting next to me, 20-something just out of college, feel asleep for a few hours, when she got up to use the toilet, she had a big fat period stain on her chair. She discovered the stain when she got back, was super embarrassed and hid the stain with the airline’s free blanket. Does this unfortunate, embarrassing story sound familiar!?!? Ugh, Yes!

There is a solution to a historical problem of period stains! (THINX Underwear)

There is a solution to the historical problem of wasteful tampons and pads! (The Diva Cup)

I spent zero dollars on my period while back-packing in Asia!

For the past 5 months in Asia, I have used these two WONDER products that I highly recommend and spent zero dollars on my period. These are my favorite products that I highly recommend for comfort, zero accidents and zero waste for our planet!

  • You do NOT have to ruin your panties every single month with accidents!
  • You do NOT have to leave a bloody mark on someone’s seat or sofa cushion!
  • You do NOT need to spend $40 on a box of tampons, pads or panty liners EVER again!
  • You do NOT need to stick chemically bleached, pesticide ridden cotton near your delicate feminine body!
  • You do NOT need to contribute to more consumer waste with ruined panties, used tampons, pads and their packaging. 

The Diva Cup

Eco-friendly, silicon cup, comes in two sizes, and holds 30 ml or 1 ounce of flow (double the absorbency of a Super size tampon). Easy to insert, press up next to your cervix and is held in by your muscles. You can keep it in for up to 12 hours.

For removal, you simply grab its tip, pull it out and flush the contents down the toilet. You can wash and rinse the cup in your sink and re-insert. You can’t feel it at all. Personally, it feels much cleaner than a soggy tampon. The cup is easy to clean, has a cute storage bag and you can use the same one for up to a year.

INVESTMENT: $ USD/CAD$39.99. This reflects a savings of $100-150 a year when compared to purchasing disposables.  Get yours:

THINX Underwear

THINX are genius, washable and reusable undies to wear while on your period. Developed to be moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, leak-proof and super-absorbent, (some styles hold an up to 2 tampons worth of flow)!! From my own experience, I had zero leaks, no stains, they felt thin, comfortable, dry and soft as silk! No shit! I have SO many panties ruined by my period, and I hate wearing bulky panty-liners and pads.

I use THINX a few ways: 

·      Wear solo on the days when I think your period might start, am not certain

·      Wear in conjunction with my diva cup for my heavier flow days

·      Wear for extra protection for overnights

·      Wear solo for light flow days

·      Wear when I am going to be extra sweaty

I have had zero stains or accidents since using THINX!

First off, like most women, I can’t always calculate the exact day my period is going to start, so I wear THINX 1-2 days around my usual start-date, to avoid ruining my cute, regular panties. What is the point in having sexy undies if they’re just going to get ruined?!! I hate getting nasty brownish stains my panties, and I am pretty sure my ex boyfriend’s didn’t find it attractive either. Alas, these super gross 'period panties’ usually end up in the trash.

Secondly, I wear them on the first few days of my flow incase my Diva cup gets too full. (which rarely happens), but incase I am stuck somewhere, without a bathroom. I also wear them when I go to sleep, so I don’t ruin my underwear or my 800 thread count sheets. ;) 

Lastly, I use them on my lightest days without anything else at all. THAT’S RIGHT LADIES! you do NOT need to wear anything but these THINX. They have an incredibly, innovative fabric that wicks the blood away, so you are dry. I also wore THINX underwear when I was super sweaty while hiking in Asia. That’s right, they’re excellent underwear for days when you’re just going to be sweaty as hell and don’t want your undies to feel wet

Kudos to the founders, Miki Agrawal, her sister Radha and Antonia Dunbar for being amazing badass women entrepreneurs who are disrupting the industry, breaking status quo, and making it cool for women to discuss their menstrual cycle without embarrassment!

Plus, for every pair of THINX you buy, they send funds to, AFRIpads, a local company helping women in Uganda. Studies say that 100 million girls are missing school just because of their periods, and THINX is looking to change that!

INVESTMENT: $24 - $38 per pair or save up to 20% for buying multiple pairs. Sweet! Purchase here: THINX

Check out their ads! F Yes!

Seriously, I cannot recommend these brands enough! I encourage you to research more about these innovative, smart, practical brands and make one of the BEST investments of your feminine life! (I promise)

Happy Bleeding! 


How to Rise in Love to Life's Challenges

I recently completed an unbelievably healing retreat in Ubud, the magical, spiritual epicenter in Bali. The conscious community, lush green landscapes, friendly monkeys, ancient temples, local organic food, captivated me and welcomed me home. It was an honor to teach yoga and mindfulness alongside Sarah Anne Stewart. If you haven’t met her yet, Sarah radiates pure love as a wellness guide, healing others with holistic, integrative therapies for a healthy lifestyle. Her practice, Holistically Slim, focuses on maintaining your health without deprivation, but using mindfulness practices and eating according to your bio-individuality. We are already planning our next retreat in 2017, in Costa Rica and Tulum, if you are interested, let me know!

While in Bali, we celebrated their Balinese new year followed by a day of silence. I spent the day in solitude, listening to the birds and the river stream, with a quiet yoga practice, meditation and journaling thoughts as they came up. it was a unique experience and I would like to incorporate more days of silence into my normal routine.

As I sat with my quieted my mind, I listened, and noticed some fear based thinking. I had been traveling and was feeling worried about my situation when I return to New York… where I will live, how I will shift my business and serve the world, etc. I had even lost my cool at the airport enroute to Bali. I was trying to carry-on some pumpkin-seed butter to snack on, and was told it counted as a ‘liquid.’ (yes, we all know that Pumpkin seeds are NOT a liquid, but they insisted it was a ‘jam-like’ food and was not allowed.) Anyways, I was anxious, hungry and then I allowed the situation, which was not a big deal, to really upset me. I got very angry and then when I sat in the airplane, felt very sad at my anger, and began to cry. That is when I realized that this was simply bringing up a deeper, fearful feeling that I was not in control of my life. And in reality, all of us can only control our actions and choices. This situation was simply a teacher -- I chose a negative reaction instead of a more graceful one. I sat with these fearful emotions on the plane, and shifted my mindset to accepting what comes and trusting that I can handle it. I sat with the feeling that I cannot control every circumstance in my life, but I can control how gracefully I respond to whatever life gives me. {WOW} With that, I let my breath sooth me back into a calm, peaceful state.

Anger, negativity and fearful thoughts are normal for EVERYONE, and they are going to come up. But, it is just as easy to spiral down a dark rabbit hole as it is to climb up to the peak of the mountain top. So friends, let’s chose to climb! Let's chose to rise in Love!

The trick is to catch the negative thoughts or emotions, notice them and change directions. Sometimes we let the negative thoughts snow ball, continue to consume us, then we continue down a dark path. Just because you have a negative thought, a bad day, or go into a fear-based mind-set, does not mean that you have to see that emotion through. Simply pause, feel it and then shift directions. Here are a few steps to do that: 

Breath: Stop whatever you are doing and find a quiet place. Take a few slow, deep breaths
Notice: Notice exactly why you are upset, angry or anxious, and any underlying beliefs or past experiences that may be causing it (maybe even journal about it)
Accept: Whatever has come into your life, accept that you cannot change the past circumstance, only your response to it
Freedom: Bring your attention to all the areas of freedom, possibility and support you currently have in your life. 
Create: Dwell in your wishes and desires and note any small, next steps to create them
Love: Visualize yourself in a state of love, peace and in control of every single one of your actions
Feel: Notice how much lighter your body feels when you are in this state of acceptance, peace and love

Here is a simple mantra you can use to shift your thoughts and your energy from fear to love:

I chose to rise & meet this challenge with love, rather than focus on what I cannot change


  • accept what you cannot control

  • listen to your emotional state

  • chose a loving resonse in every situation

  • trust yourself

  • chose love over fear

REMINDER: Sarah and I are already planning our next sunny retreat….in Central America!! (Tulum & Costa Rica)… so if you are interested, let us know by sending an email!

In Love,