Ways to be more Environmentally friendly

Happy Earth Day!

It's so important to connect to our earth. She's our land, mother, source of abundance, our home and best healer. It's critical that we make choices to protect the environment, waterways, animals and food sources from toxic chemicals. It can be overwhelming to see how much our current capitalist society is harming the land, but we can all do our part to make a difference by the goods we purchase, daily habits and the local politics we engage in.

Here are 10 Ways to be more Environmentally friendly every day

  1. Avoid single use plastic. Refuse plastic bottles, straws and utensils - bring your own or dine in

  2. Buy organic & from local farmers. Eat less beef, almonds, farmed fish, palm oil and tuna.

  3. Turn off water and electricity when not in use.

  4. Chose clean energy sources for transportation: electric car, bike, bus.

  5. Purchase reused, refurbished or recycled clothing or those made from natural materials. Brands like Aday, Toms, Ravela, and Reformation are great.

  6. Chose safe, environmentally friendly cleaners and skincare brands. Or make your own.

  7. Use washable rags instead of paper towels.

  8. Invest in renewable energy at home, ie. solar panels or wind turbines. Buy energy efficient light bulbs.

  9. Compost at home or at your local farmers market.

  10. Recycle everything that you can’t compost. i.e. Plastic, metal, paper, electronics, clothing

How Truly Listening is Healing


I'm writing you from Sag Harbor where I'm finishing up an advanced training module on Yoga Therapeutics. Among all the anatomy, meridian points and mudras, we're also learning about being present so the practitioner, the student, can also be present and heal. 

There is an art of creating space for someone to be seen that allows for connection, transformation and healing. When we are too focused on "fixing" someone, we can't really help them. So in our efforts to "fix", we try to use what we know, rather than simply listening to what they need. You cannot help someone without being relaxed and listening to them. Even if you think you can offer someone advice, it won't be received if you're not connecting. Have you ever met someone who would not shut up about a point, but no-one in the room was listening? They think it's all about them showing off their knowledge, but there's two people in all communication. You have to connect to the human in front of you.


 It's important, especially as teachers or healers, to consider stories and energy we receive every day that can block us from being unbiased wither others. Every moment is an opportunity to learn something from the people around you. Even if you don't particularly like a person, try to remove the story you have about them, and really just see them. 

Many people in our modern busy lifestyle and single households suffer from not being seen or heard. If you really want to connect with someone, just offer a kind attention for them to share. After all, isn't attention one of the biggest ways to show love?

The same is absolutely true for yourself. You can't listen and know yourself if you're always doing. You must take time to sit quietly with yourself and notice what's true for you, otherwise emotions, stories, desires will stay repressed. Stuck emotions cannot release without acknowledgement. And for those of you who feel uninspired in relationships or business, listen. Allowing yourself space to be, opens up channels for clarity. It opens up channels to self healing and love to mature.

My therapeutic work is sitting with my clients while they share and process what's making them feel blocked from peace, love, safety, connection, success, security, by really listening and working with what's present for them at the moment.