Fall Cleanse


Fall Cleanse

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Fall Detox Program

Changing your eating habits is the most powerful way to support your health and one of the most spiritual acts you can embark upon.

End of summer is a wonderful time for a reset. We expend a lot of energy in the summer, traveling, socializing, playing in the sunshine or hitting BBQ's. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits.
Over the past 8 years, I’ve done numerous fasts and detoxes to keep my body a break and promote healing. I am going to be sharing all that I know in an informative and supportive coaching group.
This type of cleanse is gradual, taking place over the course of 4 whole weeks, every week we cut out another category of food and the last week we enter into a few days of a choice of fast. Every aspect is completely optional. Many detox programs aren’t long enough. When you stay consistent for a whole month, that’s where the magic starts to unfold.

Detoxing is one of the most powerful actions you can do to support your health. You’re literally purging years of our modern, toxic lifestyle to eliminate heavy metals, fungus, unhealthy bacteria and parasites.
Our detox is safe, simple, gentle and doesn't force any quick fix, extreme fasts or expensive juicing. I've personally used this method for the past five years, twice a year, to cleanse my organs and reset my digestive system.

Subjects that I’ll be covering:


How the body naturally heals and cleanses itself

The best foods to eat on a detox

How to detox on a budget (under $10/day)

The 4 week plan to gradually ease into a detox

How long and how often to detox

How to detox depending on your age & geographical climate

How to handle detox symptoms

Inflammatory Foods:

How and why to do an elimination diet

Key inflammatory foods to typically avoid


How to fast safely and the different types of fasts

Why Keto is ok for weight-loss but not good for detoxing


Which natural herbs support detoxing which organs (liver, kidneys, blood, skin, lymph, colon & digestive)

The most important organ to cleanse to prevent chronic illness and which herbs support it the most

Supplements that are a waste of your time and money

Maintaining a healthy diet:

How to transition back to a diet that works for you

How a diet is different than a detox

Why the quality of food is more important than the type of food (hint: organic and local!)

I’ll also cover some controversial subjects:

Why I don’t recommend juicing

— what I recommend instead, that’s also more affordable!)

Why I don’t recommend supplementing with vitamins or probiotics. (hint: they’re unnatural & synthetic)

— but Which all natural supplements 100% support healing

Why I recommend plant based diets over strictly vegan diets

—but why I recommend going vegan for detoxing purposes