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Join me on the Greek island of Kythnos for an intimate week long retreat. Yoga & pilates, outdoor fun and delicious local Greek food. All set in the most spectacular seaside villa with its own private beach.

June 1-6 2019


Welcome to your personal Greek-island getaway! We’ve saved a special blue corner for you at the edge of Kythnos where you can safely unwind, relax and rejoice. Diana & Apple are a dream teaching duo, and combining the best of the worlds of yoga & pilates will make you feel aligned, stretched and awakened within your body. A carefully crafted schedule of daily practices will be accompanied by a holistic experience of healthy Greek food with the best seasonal ingredients prepared by our in-house chef. This is an exclusive retreat for an intimate group of 10 people who will enjoy ultra-personalised care both in their practice and nutrition.

The serenity and wild beauty of Kythnos provides the perfect set to kick off your summer. Get ready to choose from a variety of activities such as sea-kayaking, hiking, village strolls, thermal springs and whatever your heart desires to feel free again!


Here’s to the perfect exercise combo! Our Yoga and Pilates classes are designed to offer you a complete exercising program of strengthening and flexibility to feel aligned and connected. Diana’s classes will be a blend of yoga styles drawing on Iyengar Yoga, Katonah, Vinyasa and Meditation. She will use specific alignment yoga practices to improve patterns in the way we hold our body and creative sequences to become attuned to our energetic body. Apple will teach a series of Pilates classes starting with the pilates essentials of right body posture and alignment and smoothly progressing into more strengthening and toning exercises tailored to fit all levels and individual needs. The classes will take place in large outdoor covered areas of the villa as well as at the beach, and wherever nature offers a great platform to experience body and mind in unity.

* All practices are open to all levels from beginners to more advanced yogis.

Earlier Event: March 24