End of summer is a wonderful time for a reset. We expend a lot of energy in the summertime, traveling, socializing, playing in the sunshine or hitting up BBQ's. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Our detox is safe, simple, gentle and doesn't force any quick fix, extreme fasts or expensive juicing. I've personally used this method for the past five years, twice a year, to cleanse my organs and reset my digestive system.

This type of cleanse is gradual, taking place over the course of 4 whole weeks, every week we cut out another category of food and the last week we enter into a few days of a deeper cleanse. Every aspect is completely optional.

Changing your eating habits is one of the most spiritual acts you can embark upon.

Many detox programs aren’t long enough. When you stay consistent for a whole month, that’s where magic starts to unfold. If you only do yoga one week a year, will you really see results?

Diets are the same way. When you only diet for a few days, and go back to the same old unhealhty habits, you get stuck with the same results.

The program includes:

a cleansing weekly meal plan and food guide

a thorough guide to herbs and organ cleansing
a whole foods, organic green supplement 
a weekly call discussing how to triggers and how to improve your external

weekly guided meditation on discovering self care for the modern woman

What can you expect, and what’s expected of you?

  • You’ll set goals to act with integrity for mind, body and spirit

  • learn ways to prepare you home, or road environment for succes

  • You’ll lean how to consistently handle external and internal triggers consistenly and wiht ease

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