AWAKENAWE 6-Week Digital Course

Yoga - Diet - Meditations - Self-Awareness - Relationships - Lifestyle - Goals

a Reset for body, mind, spirit, for the busiest of humans

The AwakenAwe 4-week course facilitates a full-on reset to diet and lifestyle, igniting your body into a state of healing, detoxification, to release patterns that aren’t serving. You will discover daily habits that create big shifts, enabling you to follow your purpose and passion, while setting up regular self-care tools and foundations for a balanced life. Diana Paschal delivers a straight-up, light-hearted approach for all ages and stages on their activated journey.

Using a powerful mindfulness based approach, we will look at lifestyle, relationships, mental patterns, habits that are affecting your well being. You will obtain specific meditation tools to become more aware of negative habits that are blocking you from your potential and how to find better, more conscious choices that bring greater peace and abundance.

Please note, this is NOT quick fix, a juice fast. This does NOT require a crazy workout or yoga regime. These tools can be utilized throughout the year to reset Body, Mind, Spirit and handle emotional and energetic ties.

It IS for anyone ready to release patterns that are not working. It IS for anyone courageous and committed to haivng more energy, peace, loving relationships, vitality, health and longevity in your life!



  • 3 1-hour phone calls over the course
  • Option to join live or listen to the recording.
  • 2 Audio guided meditations for centering & connecting with your deeper self
  • 30+ yoga poses to chose from each morning for focus and energy at work
  • 10 minute audio guided pranayama practice to clear the mind and prepare the body for meditation
  • E-Book covering our topics
  • A guided journaling exercise
  • H/W each week for review & consistent follow through
  • 1-hr private call with Diana and unlimited email support.
  • Facebook group which connects you to on-going private content from the AwakenAwe community.




Understanding the body, mind connection

Practices to develop body awareness and mindful breathing and posture

Mindfulness + Meditations to stay centered and grounded

Connect to your body, heart, spirit, intuition

Strengthening insights into subtle body, deeper emotions, patterns, thoughts, dreams, unconsiocus

Yoga practices to open the release tension and create better postural alignment

Pranayama, mindful breathing and breath awareness practices


Week 2


Awareness to Inner dialogue

Setting relationship expectations

Self Talk and how to re-frame

Daily guided journaling

Self Love affirmations

Guided daily meditation & journaling to create more inner awareness

Words of affirmation


Week 3


Discuss how to pay attention to the body’s responses after eating certain foods

{energy vs lethargy} {focus vs brain fog}

Notice how external factors {people, places, sounds} affect your health

Learn Common food, cosmetic, environmental allergies that are full of harmful, unnatural chemical substances

Common ingredients that trigger antibodies and auto-immune responses

Basic understanding of Ayruveda

Energetics of food and rules to help you digest foods better, feel energized and lighter after meals

Basic elements of any food detox


Week 4


Environment, Career, Home + Lifestyle Stressors

Career relationships

Romantic Relationships

Friendship, Community, Support systems

Creative outlet, self-care and free-time


Week 5 & 6


Time management & prioritization

Managing expectations, Self-care, creative outlets, movement and time in nauture

Releasing external stimulations, toxic relationships, patterns and anything that doesn’t serve

Setting your own intentions and affirmation

Review, Q&A