AwakenAwe Group Coaching Course

November 4-week Intensive   


I'm thrilled to offer a unique coaching course to support you in a number of key areas, offering a complete reset for the Fall season. As you prepare for the introspective time of winter, it's ideal to review where you've been, what challenges you're facing, how you're showing up in your life and how you plan to co-create the life you most desire. My intention is to share my own holistic tools within a group coaching format to facilitate deeper clarity, strength and integrity as you move forward.

This course is centered gratitude and self love while also being radically honest in our self reflection. Being seen and heard by others can trigger a lot of discomfort, but it brings immense opportunity for transformation

If you've landed here, you probably have already done therapy or coaching, maybe you know a little or a lot about meditation, yoga and nutrition. Maybe you already understand that hustling for the sake of hustle doesn't work, following what others are doing, doesn't work, beating yourself up for mistakes, doesn't work, seeking happiness with material things, doesn't work. Maybe you have already made massive changes and started to up-level your life, live with intention, balance, and wellbeing. 

But, maybe you struggle...

You are happy and feeling good, but you still know there's something more over the horizon. You understand the huge value that deep, consistent support can offer. You know that massive shifts can occur with consistent focus and support. You are seeking a supportive community to ensure that you don't fall back into your former habits, but rather continue on your unique journey. If you're saying YES to further up-leveling self-love, lifestyle balance and success, this course is for you. 

Together, we will uncover what turns YOU on in life. and how to work, live and love with more intentionality. We will design boundaries and container for the chaos of our lives and tools for the triggers that happen on the regular.

My whole life I have studied spirituality, yoga, psychology and health, but, unfortunately, it took years of trial and error, and getting lost before I found a groove, balance and inner healing. As I moved through my path of self inquiry and healing, I devoured practices in yoga, meditation, nutrition, breath work, somatic therapy, psychology, mindfulness based coaching and holistic practices. If you're at a crossroads in your life, feel stuck or are simply looking for guidance around a holistic, balanced lifestyle, I am here to support you. 

This month long digital course includes 2 hours of content to work through plus 4 group coaching calls once per week.

Please leave your information below for an invitation to the AwakenAwe Course. You'll be emailed further details about the course launching early November 2018

I am so excited to connect with you!

With love,

Diana Paschal



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