Say NO to Plastic Straws

8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans, and that figure could increase by ten-fold over the next 10 years if actions are not taken. One metric ton equals 2,205 pounds.)
— Time Magazine

Last weekend, I went to a dance party at the PS1 WarmUp at the MOMA museum in Queens for some Reggae dance vibes. Always a good time dancing up there! 

In prep for the festivities, I tossed a small glass jar and metal straw in my handbag, Because I keep hearing how devastating plastic is to our planet. I'm not perfect but I want to make a positive impact every day. Every little thing you do makes an impact as the domino affect happens and more people wake up.

Most plastic is NOT recycled. Americans discard 33 million tons of plastic each year, but only 6.5 % of it is recycled & 7.7 % is combusted for electricity. The rest is clogging landfills and our ocean. It takes 10 lifetimes decompose. 😲
Unless you are at a sustainable cafe that composts all their dining wear, it's plastic! Shout to those sustainable Restos like @sweetgreen and @ocafenyc for Using all compostable dining wear.

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    $7.99 $15.99
    Pic: Sipping lemonade at the @momaps1 with my reusable gear I had tossed in my bag. Say no to plastic straws. Use these cute metals one's like this one. 

    Other ways to help our environment:

    • Don't buy plastic water bottles. Instead reuse a metal or glass water bottle.
    • Use sustainable, reusable or compostable materials
    • Compost all food waste
    • Recycle or reuse anything that isn't reusable or compostable especially plastic bags
    • Try and have a Zero Waste policy for your home
    • Replace paper towels with reusable cotton wash cloths
    • Purchase less and opt for used items when possible. Try to buy, re-sell or donate old items
    • Buy digital or used books or visit the Library
    • Carry reusable mugs, straws and cutlery when necessary
    • Avoid chemicals and toxic cleaning materials and dispose properly

    This website has all the best detailed tips on how to recycle, compost and live more sustainably!

    let's be good to earth! start bringing a reusable metal straw, a glass mason jar or reusable water bottle. Or ask for washable Dish wear if you're dining in.

    Be a voice!! Be the change! 😘✌🏼🌱  Be cool to the planet y'all 🌱🌏 ✌🏼 

    -- D